Dr. Mabrie: Crystal has been nice enough to allow us to use her as a live model today. Tell me a little bit about the places you were thinking of having treated.

Crystal: I've had some concerns about the circles under the eyes and the bumps on the nose, which I wasn't aware that fillers were available for that. So interested in that, and the upper lip as a little bonus.

Dr. Mabrie: Okay. Fantastic. One, two, three. Good. I think you'll feel that a little bit.

Crystal: Mm-hmm. Wow.

Dr. Mabrie: Yeah. Raise your eyebrows. Relax. Okay. If we were just treating your forehead, that would be it. Pretty straightforward for me. Okay. Good. Relax. What's it feel like?

Crystal: Just a long sting.

Dr. Mabrie: Yeah. It's kind of annoying, I think.

Crystal: Yeah. It's annoying.

Dr. Mabrie: Yeah. When people ask me what it feels like, I tell them it's kind of annoying. The Botox you will start to notice after about three to four days. I will see you back here in two weeks. When you come back your eyebrows will be slightly higher. They will be smoother here and your forehead lines will be gone. Good. I really see a lot of indentation between here and here. So we're gonna work on that. Mostly this area and up here just a little bit.

Good. Okay. One, two, three. So we go slowly. I'll be watching for symmetry. Great! Take a look in the mirror so we can see one side versus another. It's a little fuller, more poutier. We may do a little more, but we'll go slow and you can tell me.

Crystal: Okay.

Dr. Mabrie: All right?

Crystal: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Mabrie: Good. I'll see you back in two weeks for your before and afters.

Crystal: Thank you.

Dr. Mabrie: Okay. Thank you.

Here we can see Crystal's before and after images. Her forehead is smoother after Botox. The horizontal lines are less. Under her eyes the shadows have been removed and her cheeks are now augmented. This gives her a more youthful, more attractive face.

After the non-surgical Rhinoplasty the contour of her nose is smoother and her lips are fuller. The top lip is in better proportion with the lower lip.

On the profile view we can see the nasal profile improvement and the improvement in the lips.

On the frontal view we can see the same things. Her brow looks nice and natural. Under her eyes looks smooth. In general we can see that Crystal looks more refreshed and she looks more polished.

Watch a Live Facial Rejuvenation Using All Non-Surgical Procedures

Dr. David Mabrie performs multiple non-surgical procedures including lip augmentation, Botox for the forehead, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and a treatment for dark circles and liquid cheek augmentation.