Can breast implants really look natural? Well, the answer is of course yes, but it depends on the approach your surgeon takes to breast augmentation surgery. To get natural appearing results, it's important to use bio dimensional planning principles. Bio-dimensional planning refers to a set of measurements that's taken at the time of patient examination. To help determine the ideal base diameter, the ideal projection and the ideal overall size and shape of the breast implant for each individual patient. If the surgeon you are seeing uses bio dimensional planning principles, that would be evident on the website when you review their before and after photographs. You see base diameters that match the patients body, you see a projection that looks natural and a natural slope of the upper pole. Look at lots and lots of photographs.

Want Natural-Looking Breast Implants? Your Doctor's Surgical Approach Is Everything

Dr. Michael Law explains that breast implants can look natural, but this is dependent on the approach your plastic surgeon takes.