Today we have our patient, Lilly, who's concerned with the way that her under eyes look. Now, we see a lot of patients in our practice who come in for fillers, and most of the time they're asking to have their smile lines filled in. I frequently talk my clients out of fillers in their smile lines, and instead we put them underneath the eyes.

Now, what concerns her the most is a little bit of the darkness underneath the eyes right there. If you look a little closely from the side you can see it's just a little bit on the hollow side here, and that's what the filler is gonna fix. Once we're able to lift that cheek up, it's gonna improve the under eye area, and give a more youthful appearance, all while maintaining something that looks really, really, natural.

Today we're gonna be using Restylane to fill the under eye area, and it's important when you go to your plastic surgeon's office, or dermatologist's office, that they open the package in front of you just to make sure that its not someone else's and that it comes from a proper source.

The method that we're going to be using is a special non-bruising technique, which basically is a needle that's not sharp, it slides underneath the skin, and avoids blood vessels, and really minimizes bruising. I'll be demonstrating that today.

The nice thing about this needle is that I can layer the product really easily that I couldn't be able to do with a traditional needle. That means it just gives a more even look, more sculpted look, and in the end, a better result.

Tired, Baggy Eyes? Wake 'Em Up With Under Eye Rejuvenation

Dr. Nima Shemirani demonstrates the use of Restylane under the eyes with the use of a small cannula. The procedure has minimal discomfort when used with numbing cream and can remove the appearance of bags and dark circles.