Hi, I’m Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I’m a board certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta and I’d like to tell you today about a filler called Voluma. Voluma comes in a box like this. It is made by a company Allergan, based in California. The syringe, if you’re injected, looks like and what is special about Voluma, it is very thick and long lasting. It can last up to two years. But being thick, it means that it can really give a lift to the face which begins to lose its volume as we get a little bit older. Let me show you on the model what’s involved if you decide to have a Voluma injection. So here on the model, I’ve mapped up the face to show where we want the injection to go. Using the lines from the eye to the mouth and from the ear to the lower lid, the nose and the mouth, it shows exactly where the Voluma should go, here high on the cheek in two areas and here to fill in the lower lid and here to fill in any hollowing of the cheek.

Before I inject the patient with Voluma, in these four spots, I put in just a drop of Nupercaine. That stings briefly but what it means is that you’re comfortable right through the injection. You’re not going to feel any pain. After Voluma is done and it takes only about a half hour, you’re likely to have little if any bruising. I usually recommend that people start just with one syringe. Then if you like the look, you could always have more. But very often, one syringe is all you need. So give us a call if we can help.

Voluma Injection Sites Mapped on the Face

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan explains using a model her approach for injecting Voluma, a facial filler used for the cheeks, under the eyes, and around the mouth.