Melissa: Hi. I'm Melissa. I'm a nurse injector here at Blue Water Spa. And today we're gonna do Juvederm Voluma on Karen here. Karen has really nice cheek bones although she has some flattening and we call this the anterior medial cheek. As we age, we can lose volume there. And Juvederm Voluma is indicated for mid-face volume loss. So we're gonna go ahead and inject Karen today. And we'll show you how she looks after.

Melissa: Okay. We just injected Karen with Voluma. We ended up using two syringes. And as you can see she has more fullness in the anterior medial cheeks right here which are flattened before. And how was the experience for you, Karen?

Karen: It was great. It isn't really hard at all. There was a little prick and then it was very easy.

Melissa: Okay, good. And Juvederm Voluma lasts two years. So you'll be all ready for your wedding in May.

Karen: Thank you.

Melissa: Thank you.

Voluma Facial Filler for Cheek & Midface Volume Loss

Melissa Stockj, an injector at Bluewater Spa under Dr. Michael Law, demonstrates the results of Voluma, a facial filler by Juvederm, to plump the midface.