Today we're performing a Voluma cheek lift. As we look at this patient, we're gonna place some markings on the cheek that are gonna help us plan our Voluma treatment for today. She has nice fullness in this area, but she's starting to show some hollowness here.

Voluma is the latest Juvederm product. It's designed specifically to help lift the cheek area and restore that youthful fullness.

One of the advantages over some of the other Juvederm products is that's it's very moldable and it doesn't change much once it's in place. Already we can see the fullness here compared to this side.

We're gonna carry this lift out a little bit to the side. Great.

Both sides of the face can age a little differently. It's always important for us to evaluate each side separately. In this side, she has a little bit more loss. It needs a little bit more lift. Sometimes that happens when patients sleep on a particular side.

There we go, Voluma lift, one, two, three.

Voluma Is Specifically Designed For Hollowed Cheeks

Dr. Brian Maloney demonstrates injecting facial filler Voluma for mid-face volume correction.