Male Voice: In this particular area here, the patient has a little bit of lose and lax skin. She's already received a treatment with our radiofrequency as a noninvasive device which basically stimulates through the radiofrequency electrical currents, the inductive mechanism of increasing collagen and elastin formation in the skin. The particular mode that we'll use here will penetrate the full depth of the skin as well as get into the fatty area as well. Now, people who have lost weight may be even people who have liposuction but still have a component of lose and lax skin even these stretched marks here are helped by this modality because increasing the collagen and the elastin formation in that skin makes it not only a little bit more elastic, makes it a little bit tighter, makes it a little bit more resilient.

This particular treatment requires that we put a little bit of a context solution. It's nothing more than glycerin in the area that we're going to treat. This provides a good contact measure for our electros and electrical current and it operates through a mechanism of suction which makes contact with those electros so that electrical current remains constant and predictive. Now, the patients that undergo this usually undergo four to six treatment sessions, maybe as many as eight. You do it about every two weeks. Sometimes a week part is what we do for areas that are particularly lose and lax.

A maintenance kind of procedure with this is also something that we do every three to six months in order to maintain the best tone to the skin. Now, this suction device here and the firing mechanism creates that little red area, very much like the vacuum cleaner and you can see it. We'll overlap the area a little bit. The first part of the mechanism here is warming the skin up. We know we took a baseline temperature of about 30 degrees with a temperature probe. We'll see the skin heat up over time and then we'll go to the treatment mode which increases the depth and penetration of our electrical current. Are you comfortable there Kelly?

Kelly: Yeah.

Male Voice: There's very little if any discomfort associated with. We can adjust some of the energy level if it's necessary, if the patient becomes uncomfortable but no anesthesia is even required. There's not going to be any downtime. The patient will be able to head back to the gym if she wants to even this evening, you workout. We recommended that you drink plenty of fluid. As part of that inductive mechanism, the body is going to react to this in an inflammatory fashion and that inflammatory fashion is actually beneficial in this particular case and we'll take a real quick temperature probe here as I said as we're trying to get things up to temp.

Now, we're there. So what we'll do is we'll dial in the treatment time in the protocol. We find this about a 14-minute treatment time that we'll go through and the machine will tell us when we arrive at that and it will have delivered the protocol energy that we know would be beneficial in helping tightening the skin up.

The following weight loss procedures and extreme weight loss, this maybe an alternative to a surgical procedure. It's not that everybody reacts and not everybody skin that will gear up to the same extent from one patient to another, but the results can be quite remarkable and impressive. And avoiding surgical procedure and cases when it's not necessary of course is desirable but it's a modality that we can use in an additive fashion for our patients with liposuction.

What we're doing is providing a continuum of care here about in our cosmetic surgery and the reason for that is, is that the surgical options provide tremendous value to a patient but it's not always indicated at particular times in people's lives or particular type of lifestyle, how busy life maybe for them at that time and they know that we can offer them something of scientific value, of proven efficacy, value for their dollar, and an additive and adjunctive fashion.

We've got another four minutes left.

Kelly: No.

Male Voice: Yeah too much longer.

Kelly: Yeah. It's relaxing.

Viora for Non-invasive Skin Tightening

Doctor Edward J. Bednar documents his use of Viora, a non-invasive skin tightening procedure.