The composite breast lifting procedure has long-term benefits because it's your own fat. You don't have an implant, however rare those competitions are, very rare, and you get a breast lift in those last 10 plus years.

Sixty percent of it lives forever. Forty percent gets absorbed the first three months after surgery. So what I do during surgery I over inject knowing that I'm going to lose that 40% that's going to go away with the first three months or so. So typically patients are much larger when they wake up from surgery. In the upcoming three months that volume goes down to what stays. What stays after three months is typically there two, three, four plus years.

The Secret to Bigger Breasts Isn't a Push-Up Bra... It's Your Own Fat!

Fat grafting is gaining in popularity, and with implant risks such as capsular contracture, many patients are choosing to boost their breasts with their own fat instead.