Dr. Eric Joseph: Are you looking for a refreshed, upper eyelid appearance? Hi. This is Dr. Eric Joseph, facial plastic surgeon from West Orange, New Jersey, reporting on upper eyelid blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery for upper eyelid rejuvenation. Upper blepharoplasty is typically helpful for removing excess hooded skin from your upper eyelids along with muscle and bulging fat pads to result in a youthful, refreshed look. You can see an attractive youthful appearance in my gracious patient following upper blepharoplasty surgery. She had excessive skin, muscle and fat removed and her incisions are well concealed in her upper eyelid creases. Surgery takes around an hour and normal social activities are resumed around one week post-operatively. Upper blepharoplasty may be performed with local anesthetic or intravenous sedation, depending on your preference and the preference of your surgeon. And post-operative pain is minimal. If you're considering upper blepharoplasty surgery, make sure to inform your surgeon if you have a history of eye disease or dry eye syndrome since this may worsen in some patients following this type of surgery. I hope this was helpful and thank you for watching.

Upper Blepharoplasty For a Youthful and Refreshed Upper Eyelid Appearance.

Dr. Joseph discusses some of the indications and contraindications for upper blepharoplasty, along with a patient demonstration.