After the patient is brought to a suitable level of general anesthesia, the redundancies of skin in the upper lids is carefully marked out. In the lower lids, the purple frame highlights the tear trough abnormality that will be dealt with subsequently. The upper eyelid has been anesthetized with a local solution for postoperative pain relief. The incisions for the removal of the excess skin are surgically developed, and the surplus fat is delivered. We used the cautery to remove the skin, to diminish the amount of blood loss and bruising. The fat is delivered and is conservatively pruned. It's important not to overdo it so as to avoid a washed outlook.

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery: Upper Lid Procedure

Dr. Vincent Zubowicz performs an upper and lower eyelid lift for a male patient. This is segment two of the video, showing the upper eyelid portion of the surgery.