The lower lids are approached through an incision just under the eyelashes. The skin and muscle flap is developed. A suture is placed through the upper portion of the lower lid for retraction. The skin and muscle flap is turned down to the rim of the orbit. This exposes the three fat compartments. Herniated fat is delivered and the medial most compartment is fed into the tear trough to fix that problem. The other two fat compartments again are conservatively [inaudible 00:01:33]. The septum is repaired to prevent future fat herniation. The skin is advanced and only a small portion of it is removed. The suture is placed under the muscle to support the lower lid. The opposite side is then done taking into consideration the asymmetry so that they can be corrected during the development of this portion of the operation. Closure of the lower lid is accomplished with absorbable suture tension free.

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery: Under Eye Lid Lift

Dr. Vincent Zubowicz in Atlanta performs an upper and lower eye lid lift for a male patient. In segment three, Dr. Zubowicz performs the lower eye lid lift.