Dr. Eric Joseph: Hi. This is Dr. Eric Joseph, rhinoplasty specialist from West Orange, New Jersey. And I'll be discussing some of the technical aspects involved with rhinoplasty surgery for a wide, bulbous tip and a dorsal hump. You can see our gracious patient intubated with general anesthetic. You can see her dorsal hump with an over-projected, droopy tip. Surgery involved dividing her lower lateral cartilages at their angles with medial fixation of the medial crura. A sephalic trim of the lower lateral cartilages was performed and contouring of the medial aspect of the lower lateral cartilages and the medial crura post was performed for deep projection. A strong columella struct was placed securely in between the medial crura to ensure structural and long term stability of her tip. Her hump was remove by lateral medial and lateral osteotomies were performed.

Dr. Eric Joseph: This photo was taken just prior to applying her dressing and her awakening. She was discharged same day to her home and her dressing will be removed one week post-operatively at which point normal social activities may be resumed. There is minimal discomfort after surgery and we do not use nasal packing. You can see a cuter, more feminine nasal appearance. I hope you found this helpful and thank you so much for watching.

Rhinoplasty Surgery for a Dorsal Hump and a Bulbous Droopy Tip

Dr. Joseph discusses some technical aspects regarding his surgical technique, and a patient demonstration. The post-operative course is also highlighted.