Hi, I'm doctor Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon here at Atlanta. Today I'd like to explain and show you the difference between saline, which are salt water breast implants, and gel implants. I'm going to have the camera now focused down on this table, that shows you the difference. This is a gel implant. Gel implants have a Silicon shell on the outside and they are filled with squishy gel. But, the saline implants are just filled with salt water. So let me show you how these work. A saline implant, this is a deflated saline implant. They come like this, and as you can see, they can be rolled up, they will go in through a much smaller incision than a pre-filled gel implant. So how is the saline filled? The saline is filled through a little tube once the empty implant is put inside you. This little attachment is already on it. And so, what happens is we just have a connector where we put more fluid in, as you can see this implant is now getting larger as I put in 60ccs of saline. Let us say that you were having a 450cc implant, we would go on filling up to 450ccs. If we put in too much, then at the time of surgery we can actually take some out. So that you get the look that is exactly right for you. So again this is a partially filled saline implant, a deflated saline implant, and for comparison, a gel pre-filled implant. I hope that explains to you the difference. We look forward to helping you choose which is the best implant for you. Have a wonderful day.

Saline Breast Implant Inflation Process

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan explains the difference between a gel and saline implant and inflates the saline implant as it would be inflated within the patient.