Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta. I'd like to tell you today a little bit about different shapes of implants and different sizes.

So what we're gong to do is we're going to focus on this table that has five different breast implants. They are made by the three different implants that are approved by the FDA -- Sientra, these implants, Mentor, and Allergan. So if you look at these implants, you will see that two are dull-looking, and three are shiny. The dull-looking are what are called textured implants. A textured implant is rough, and it is made for an asymmetric implant. If this implant is put in your chest, it moves side to side, it will look funny. The texture allows your body to seal to the implant to keep it in place. For a round implant, no matter how it turns, it looks the same, so you don't need a texture. Now, let me use the textured implants to tell you about profile. This is a 400 cc implant, but in your body it's not going to project very much. And yet, this is a 370 cc implant, but it has a much higher profile. So the projection you get is not relevant, necessarily, to size. Now, in terms of size, the is a 400, this is a 370, and this is a 300, whereas this is a 400 also. These are both 400, so you can see same-sized implants can look quite different. This is a 575, which is a really big implant.

So when you come in to see us, it's not just size that you want to consider, we'll help you figure out what's the best implant for you to give you the shape you want. We look forward to helping you. Have a wonderful day.

Gel Breast Implant Brands, Textures, and Sizes

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan explains the difference between the three brands, two textures, and various sizes of gel implants.