Body fat transfer... body fat transfer is another name for fat repositioning, or fat transferring to areas. It's fat transfer to areas of the body, where you're removing fat from one part of the body and transferring it to another. The important part with this is, to begin with, you are removing fat, so it has to be done very properly with proper understanding of balance and proportion, and targeting dis-proportionate areas only to remove the fat to do fat transfer into other areas.

Body fat transfer is usually a larger volume transfer, and most commonly it's done in the buttock area, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, where you're doing liposuction quite aggressively above the buttock, and doing a large volume transfer to the buttock itself. Usually, it does tend to take permanently into these areas.

The other area that I'm doing body fat transfer is in the revision liposuction surgical work that I'm doing, where I'm taking fat and transferring it into irregularities or indentations that were previously done by another surgeon.

Understanding Fat Transfer

Doctor David Amron discusses Fat Transfer.