What I'm going to use around her... My favorite product around the eyes is Restylane. I like to thin it out a little bit to make it smoother, so I can really use it for the fine skin. It all depends on the persons skin; how thick it is, how much correction, how much volume loss there is versus how much of a bag we're trying to hide.

With her, we're gonna use some Dysport to relax the number 11's, to open up the brow a little bit and to help with some of the smile lines. So we are going to be using Restylane and Dysport for around her eyes. This is what some people call the liquid eye lift.

What is important about this is you can really change or improve the position of the brow based on how much and exactly were we inject this. You have nice shaped brows. I don't want to change them. So I don't want to lift your brows or make them go in any different way, but you can if you want.

For you, we are going to give you just a little bit of a lift. Just open your eyes. Just a little drop. Great. So what is nice about Restylane is the very gentle injectable gel. It's very different than Radiesse and that it is very thin. So it works very nicely with the thin skin around the eyes.

What is really important here is to really understand the anatomy and being treated at the right level. Around the eyes, it's very little product. It doesn't require a lot of product. It's all about were you place it and how it's placed. Good. We are done. We are done with the eyes.

Under Eye Bags and the Elevens: See the Jaw-Dropping Results of the Liquid Eyelift

Dr. Joseph Eviatar performs a liquid eye lift on a patient using Restylane and Dysport. He treats her under eye bags, smile lines, and slightly drooping brow.