Hi. Dr. Lowenstein here. I want to talk briefly about ultherapy and who's a good candidate for ultherapy. The best candidates for ultherapy are women who are in the early stages of their aging process. Beginning to see jowls here, beginning to see some skin excess and potentially early banding here, crepey skin down here, and when we do ultherapy in the brow, it actually creates a little bit of a brow lift which can help extra skin in the upper lids.

Those patients just do so well with ultherapy. They're at the point where they probably could use a facelift, but really don't need a facelift yet. Ultherapy is that thing that will push that need for a facelift out for a couple of years, and really give a nice, rejuvenated appearance afterwards. So, we've had tremendous success with it. I'm very, very happy with the technology, and again, happy to answer your questions about that when you come in for your consultation. Thanks.

Ultherapy Corrects Jowls, Sagging Necks, and Droopy Lids

Dr. Adam Lowenstein points out the best candidates for ultherapy are aging women with complaints about sagging facial skin around the jawline and forehead.