Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta. Today I'm going to talk to you about tummy tucks specifically for women who've had babies, because what happens to the body when you have a baby is the muscle stretches, the skin stretches and then you put on fat around your waist.

So the standard tummy tuck does this and I will show you on me. It makes a long, low incision, comes out to the sides, lifts the skin all the way up to the ribs. That exposes the muscle and the belly button is cut free, so we can get up to the ribs. We tighten the muscle all the way down, remove the excess skin, do some liposuction at the sides and the top. There you are. I have a patient who says she's back on the beach with a bikini, although not everybody wants to do that.

Some kinds of tummy tucks will require less. Some women just get stretched skin. Some women just have stretched muscle in the lower half. For some women, it's chiefly skin and fat. So, when you come in for a consultation, all those aspects will be examined and we'll discuss what's going to be the best surgical treatment for you.

What's the Best Type of Tummy Tuck For a Woman Who's Had Kids?

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses the different types of tummy tucks that could be used on women post-childbirth and what they can expect.