Dr. Robert L. Kraft: They tend to think that they can get away with tightening up very loose skin with minimal incisions. The rule of thumb here is that the more lax the skin, the more excess the skin, the more it's hanging, the longer the scar is going to be to remove that skin and get everything together nicely.

The one good thing about the transverse scar for an abdominoplasty is that it generally fits under your underwear. People wonder what the recovery time is like for an abdominoplasty. I would have to say that in general, it's fairly painful for the first two or three days. You need some help getting in and out of bed and doing things.

But after that, it slowly gets better. I would say by a week, people are getting around a lot better. By two weeks, they can often go back to work. By three weeks, I allow them to start resuming an exercise program.

And by six weeks, they should be able to do all activities. The results are essentially instantaneous. That's not the final result. But when we open the binder for that first post-operative check and there's that belly that's nice and flat and tight, it's an amazing thing.


Tummy Tuck Myths and Misconceptions

Dr. Robert Kraft discusses Tummy Tuck myths and misconceptions.