Tummy tucks are a great option, especially in the mommy makeover category. I love being able to rejuvenate the abdomen after having children. I do recommend that patients consider having their tummy tuck after having children, because we are going to be tightening and repairing the stretching of the abdominal wall that can occur with pregnancy.

Some patients have a lot of changes secondary to weight loss, so that's another really good category of patient to undergo a tummy tuck.

The main thing is trying to repair and reposition the abdominal structures. There's mainly two categories of patients, either weight loss or post-pregnancy, that really benefit from tummy tucks.

Tummy Tuck Candidates: Repair Stretched Abs or Tighten Loose Skin

Dr. Della Bennett describes the two types of tummy tuck candidates and what the procedure can do for each.