One of the most common things that people come to my office for is getting rid of unwanted brown spots. I have several lasers that do this, but the newest laser that I have which is immediately effective is the Trivantage Laser.

What I love about the Trivantage Laser is that it can get rid off the absolutely smallest brown spot, the darkest brown spot, or the lightest brown spot in just one or two applications of the laser. I use the Trivantage to treat brown spots on the legs, on the chest, on the arms, on the face, basically in any area where you've had unwanted sun damage.

It's completely painless. There is no numbing needed. Within a week or two, the brown spot peels off, and you have a beautiful, natural, younger looking skin, and you will get rid of any unwanted brown spots in those areas.

Trivantage Laser Painlessly Removes Sun Spots Anywhere on the Body

Dr. Michele Green talks about the Trivantage laser, which can painlessly remove any and all dark spots from sun damage on any part of the body.