Dr. Kimberly Butterwick: Well, I think half of the women I see that are aging maybe in their mid-40s and beyond. They go like this, they was a little lift of their face and they don’t want a facelift. So, we can fill the cheeks, in combination therapy, and then we can tighten this skin here. And now, the newest thing that’s very popular in our office is microfocused ultrasound. These are little tiny injuries that the ultrasound creates deep in the facial plane of the skin, so this is the same plane, the same tissue that is tightened in a facelift.

So, we can do that with a machine now through the skin. It’s ultrasound. It’s just a sound wave. There’s absolutely no downtime. So, you come in for the treatment, which by the way, hurts a bit. So, we medicate you for that. So, it’s painless, but you need some medication. But then, the next day, your skin starts to tighten.

It takes a few months though to tighten all the way, but it is not quite the same as a facelift, and won’t replace someone who really needs a lot of lifting. But that little tiny lift up, and it also works around the brow and the eyelid skin as well. It lasts anywhere from a year and a half to two years. Many of my aging patients say, “Well, I want to do it every year and a half, and just try to keep up with the little bit of sagging that goes on through the years.” So that, in ten years, you look about the same, instead of worse off.

And then, if we add the fillers and the neurotoxins, keep your skin looking good, use a good skincare regimen as well, that is what I am talking about, combination therapy. You just do a little bit each year, maybe come in once or twice a year, and you just look terrific for the next ten years.

Treatment Options for Skin Tightening

Doctor Kimberly Butterwick explains how ultrasound treatments like Ultherapy are being utilized in skin tightening.