A lot of women come to my office, asking about the ageing process – how they’re losing their volume and their lines and appearances of wrinkles. An amazing thing has happened in the few years, which I call the Revolution of Understanding the Ageing Process of the Face. It’s not only gravity that’s responsible for the tissues losing firmness and causing them down in the neck or in the mandible, but now we understand that a lot of that has to do with the loss of the natural volume that’s provided basically by fat. That is one of the main components of the ageing process.

Now we have the tools and the products to be able to reverse that process in a natural way because it’s the only way not to change the anatomy. We’re just resupplying your face with the volume you had from before, so it’s really very natural.

What’s also new is that we can do this in a very safe, fast, and reliable way. Fillers now is basically a substance called iduronic acid. It’s a natural substance. We have, all of us, a lot of iduronic acid in our bodies. It reabsorbs. It’s non-permanent. More than that, today we have an eraser, which amazing. We can put it in. If you don’t like it, we can take it out or dissolve it. It’s really like we have the means to mold and to renew your face. We can remodel the nose, recreate the cheekbones, the chin, everything. It’s very amazing. It can be done very fast and very safe.

Treatment Options for Replacing Volume

Dr. Frank Rosengaus discusses treatment options for replacing volume.