Well, the newest treatment for volume loss on the face is a product called
Voluma, and that's a new type of filler. It's actually been approved for
almost two years of duration, so it's really long-lasting. And what it does
is restores the volume in the mid part of the face where a lot of people
tend to lose it over time. And what happens if you lose volume in your
cheeks and your central part of your face, you start getting jowling, your
laugh lines get deeper. So, Voluma allows us to restore the volume and then
everything lifts. We recommend that anyone who's interested in having face
treatments with the fillers like Voluma or Botox see a board qualified
dermatologist, preferably an American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
surgeon, who's well-trained. And doctors like that really have the best
experience and the best training for restoring volume and taking away
facial wrinkles.

Voluma - The Newest Treatment for Volume Loss of the Face

Dr. Bruce E. Katz describes the options for adding facial volume using Voluma, the newest long lasting facial filler.