Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm a nurse injector here at Blue Water Spa. A lot of clients ask, "Can I have Botox administered to soften my jaw line or my profile?" And the answer is, "Yes." The masseter muscle, which is located just next to this temporal-mandibular joint, gets bulky as we age from chewing or clenching teeth, and it can sometimes give a feminine face a square-like appearance. Also, somebody who doesn't have jowls may look jowly from it building up or getting bulky. So, when expertly administered, Botox can reduce the appearance. An added bonus is it also alleviates tension and stress from clenching.

Botox For the Jaw: Soften Your Face and Alleviate Tension

Nurse Injector Melissa Stockyj, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains that injecting Botox into the Masseter muscle can relieve tension and soften the jaw.