Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Epstein. I'm going to answer a question on RealSelf. Today's question reads as follows, "I will be having a neck and mid face lift and upper eyelid lift. Six weeks later, I would like to travel 24 hours in a plane. Will this long flight be safe?"

In regards to travelling, after having a facial rejuvenation surgery, typically what I tell my patients is I want them around. I don't want them traveling at all for the first week to two weeks after surgery. There's some sutures that need to come out. It's a crucial time in the healing process where there could be bleeding or the possibility of an infection or something like that occurring. I would want to make sure that we were on top of it and treat it right away to limit any significant repercussions of those types of complications.

Usually after a week to two weeks, a person can travel. Do I want them doing any heavy lifting of bags? Do I want them in the sun? No to both of those questions. When traveling, it is important that you're able to get up and move around so that you limit the potential for having blood clots in the legs, which can happen actually on a long plane flight whether or not you have surgery at all. Certainly it's slightly increased when you have a surgical procedure.

It's also important that you are drinking plenty of fluids too and staying well-hydrated. You have to be able to follow the post-op instructions that your surgeon gives you. If you can do that and stay within those parameters, you should be able to travel. I think that pretty much covers the answer to that question. Thank you.

Travel Restrictions Post-Op Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question directed to him from a RealSelf user regarding the amount of time a patient should wait after an extensive facial rejuvenation surgery before they attempt to travel.