Hello I'm Dr. Kirk Churukian, board certified plastic surgeon practicing here in the Greater Bay area for the past 15 years. Thanks for joining me for another in a series of programs exploring topics in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Seems as though we are always busy, but more so around the holidays, because we want to look great for all of the events that mark the holiday season. So because of that, for all of you I have come up with my top five list. This is a list of short, downtime cosmetic procedures that will refresh your look as you prep for the holidays. Now seeing as we're all really busy let's get into it shall we?

At the top of every cosmetic surgeon's list is Botox, the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. In my practice I inject each patient because my knowledge of the facial muscle anatomy gives me the ability to customize the treatment for each patient. Most people know that the use of Botox for lines between the eyebrows, crows feet, and forehead really improves the look. Here, here, and here. But did you know that Botox can lift the corners of the mouth, it can improve and soften the so-called smoker's lines, it can improve the contour of the jaw line, as well as give relief to those with excessive underarm perspiration. All this and zero down time.

Next on our list, number two, is hyaluronic acid, a soft gel filler that goes by the brand name of Juvederm, Restylane, or Pearlane. This material can instantly erase sharp lines, soften bony contours, raise the hollows under the eyes, or give you a fuller, softer looking lip, all of which give you a better and more refreshed look. Topical anesthetics, blocks, and special blunt tip needles ensure comfort with a minimal risk of bruising. One of the fundamental principles that I preach to my patients interested in looking better is that a great complexion is the key to looking younger and more rested. Clear, smooth skin can reverse the appearance of age and fatigue and make any rejuvenation procedure more effective.

One of the key elements to any comprehensive rejuvenation plan is dealing with hyperpigmentation, the brown and yellow discoloration that occurs as a response to extensive overexposure to damaging UV rays from the sun or as a result of hormonal changes and drugs. This is a common problem here in California where we spend a lot of time out in the sun. But fortunately there is a solution. Our number three on our top five is prescription topical treatments, namely hydroquinone, which is a skin bleach, and Retin-A. Together they work to fade pigmentation and stimulate rapid cell turnover to give you a brighter more refreshed look in just a few weeks. Stop there or continue on to our next procedure which brings us to number four.

Lasers! The intense pulse light treatment of face, neck, chest and or hands is one of the best ways to soften the brown and yellow age spots and pigmentation associated with our great life in California. This laser will also remove red capillaries around the nose and cheeks and for those of you with rosacea, it will decrease redness and flushing. All of this and almost zero down time. Another laser that we love is the fractional CO2 and erbium lasers. Downtime here is about three to five days but the mild tightening and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth are really unmatched by any other non-invasive procedure.

And now we've saved the best for last, number five. For those of you who need a dramatic improvement but don't have the time or desire to recover from a surgical treatment, we offer the liquid face lift. This amazing procedure adds volume to soften and rejuvenate the face with fillers, it softens deep lines with Botox, and it tightens the skin with a full face laser treatment. All this is rolled into one treatment and it's simply amazing the results you'll see after a three to five day recovery. So let's recap. Number one, Botox, our favorite no downtime procedure. No matter how busy you are there's always time for Botox. Number two, fillers. There's no easier way to quickly soften and enhance your appearance. Number three, skin care. Remember all natural beauty starts with a great complexion. Number four, lasers; a quick pick-me-up for those who just need a little more lift. And number five, the liquid face lift; the ultimate package to get great results in a hurry.

I hope this information has been helpful and will give you a start as you get ready for your holiday activities.

Top 5 Non-Surgical Facial Procedures With the Biggest Impact

Dr. Kirk Churukian discusses the five procedures he believes are the for consumers interested in small, non-surgical facial improvements with little to no downtime.