Dr. Julie S. Goldberg: One of the things that I treat frequently in my office is a condition called Rosacea. And Rosacea is the red flushing of the skin. Sometimes you get pimples and bumps, it can affect your eyes, and often, these people are sensitive to typical products. Often, they are sensitive to topical products, moisturizers and cleansers, and it’s an abnormality in the lymph system of the skin to process things from the environment.

So, one of the things I ask patients, when they come in, is, “What factors are triggering this redness or this flushing? What are the things in your life that make your skin flare? Your face flare?” And I go over with them that one of the number one things that is an aggravating factor for Rosacea is sun exposure. So, I always recommend that patients with Rosacea, at a minimum, have sunscreen on every day.

And then, we talk about things like weather, hot weather, wind, and then, there are even certain food that trigger Rosacea, hot beverages, spicy foods, soups. Some people it’s even avocados. Some people know their own trigger factors, maybe even chocolate.

Tips for Patients with Rosacea

Doctor Julie S. Goldberg shares her insights to treating Rosacea.