Hi, my name is Dr. Paul Nassif and we're answering today questions and this one was... I think this is a question, "Shorter recovery time for tip rhinoplasty?" When we say recovery time, I think that you can go back to work in two weeks with almost any rhinoplasty. If you have a little bit of tip work and it's a closed procedure, you may be able to do back to work in a week because you'll just have some swelling. In general I like to tell patients two weeks but it really depends on what you have, if you have grafting, if you're doing a revision tip rhinoplasty, depending on if we're using rib cartilage, ear cartilage, septal cartilage, but in general the recovery room time is usually short as long as you follow the instructions following your surgery. I hope that helps. Thank you.

Tip Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Depends on the Extent of the Work

A newly shaped nose can be achieved through a tip rhinoplasty procedure. Learn more on how to achieve a successful recovery with this video from Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif.