Hey there. Dr. Rick for another question of the day. A question that comes up quite often is, "How do I have my nasal surgery procedure covered by my insurance?" It's a great question. There's cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery and then there's also a reconstructive nasal surgery. We typically don't do much nasal reconstructive surgery in our office, but I do oftentimes see patients who are seeking out rhinoplasty who do also have functional problems and want those to be fixed. So, sometimes we do try to combine the two and submit to insurance the portions we feel might be covered by insurance, and that requires a letter to be written. So, we never know what they're going to cover and what they're not going to cover, it really just depends on what your problems are, what we identify in the office. And then we proceed from there. I hope that helps.

Will My Nose Job Be Covered by Insurance?

Dr. Richard Brown explains that insurance companies rarely cover cosmetic surgery, but a nasal reconstructive surgery might be covered.