Hey guys. Dr. Rick here for the question of the day. A lot of times I get the question, around the mouth, what can I do for the fine lines?

Outside of things like laser treatments, peels, those are great treatments, but the question I really get a lot is "Can I have filler around my lips?"

Traditionally, the answer was no because the fillers that were out on the market all had to be injected deeper. When they're injected deeper, they don't really take care of the fine lines around the mouth.

Well, there are some newer fillers out that can be specifically injected very shallow in the skin to help fill those fine lines.
So if that's what you're looking for, you're looking to have some filler to take care of occasional fine lines, definitely give us a call or come to our office. Laura injects, I inject. We'll see you for the next question of the day.

Fillers Can Correct Fine Lines Around the Mouth

Dr. Richard Brown talks about which fillers can be used to address the fine lines around the mouth.