Hey there. Dr. Rick for another question of the day. Another question that comes up often is "How does fat transfer to the face work?"
This is something that's really come full circle in our specialty. It was very popular many years ago, but because we had trouble getting the fat to live, we really got away from it, and now it's come back again and been popular. The reason is we're really better at harvesting fat cells and then placing them into the face where it's needed.

What happens is we essentially remove fat cells from one part of the body in a non-traumatic fashion, and we then inject it into the face in areas similar to where we would put facial fillers. Then what happens is those fat cells become revascularized by the blood vessels that exist in your face, and they live just like any other fat cells in the body.

Sometimes, you need a couple of procedures to get all the fat delivered, to get the quantity of volume that you're looking for. We can talk more about it in your consultation, but that's just the blow by blow of the basics of fat transfer. Hope you have a great day, and I'll talk to you next time.

Fat Transfer to the Face

Dr. Richard Brown talks about how fat transfer to the face can restore added volume for a more permanent solution.