Hey, Dr. Rick here again for the question of the day. I get a question quite often with respect to breast augmentation and the ability to breastfeed. This is really a pretty straightforward, easy answer. You should be able to breastfeed after having breast augmentation. Now, the breast implant could be placed in front of the muscle or behind the muscle. When the breast implant is placed in front of the muscle, there is a little bit higher risk of interrupting the milk ducts and affecting breastfeeding. Usually, what this means is you'll have decreased milk production and may have to supplement your child. But really, there should be no injury to the milk ducts, even when you place the implant in front of the breast, in front of the pectoralis muscle. When the implant is placed behind the pectoralis muscle, it's well far away and protected from the milk ducts and there should be no effect on breastfeeding at all in that situation. If you do have a difficulty breastfeeding, it's most likely that you would have had that problem regardless of your breast augmentation. I hope this helps you and we'll see you for the next question of the day.

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Richard Brown talks about whether or not you will be able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation surgery.