Clear and Brilliant is a fabulous laser that was designed by the makers of Fraxel. It does all the same things that a Fraxel laser would do, meaning that it gets rid of sun damage, fine lines, facial discolorations, but it does so without any down time.

When a patient comes in for a Clear and Brilliant procedure, we put a topical numbing medicine on them for 20 minutes, and then the procedure itself takes about five minutes. But you leave with absolutely no down time, no redness, no discoloration, no pain, no down time at all.

It's a wonderful procedure that you'll get five or six times. We space them within two weeks of each other. What's wonderful about Clear and Brilliant is that it's true to its name. Your skin, after the five or six treatments, will actually be clear, radiant, and beautiful.

What I love about Clear and Brilliant is that it does the same effects as a Fraxel, except it does it with absolutely no down time. It's the perfect laser for patients who want to go back to work 20 minutes after their procedure and don't want to have anyone know they did anything.

This Laser Causes Zero Redness and Can Be Done on Your Lunch Break

Dr. Michele Green explains why Clear & Brilliant is the best choice for treating facial pigmentation when you want no down-time and are considering the Fraxel laser.