Hi. I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta and today in this video I want to talk to you about a particular kind of tummy tuck called a Fleur De Lis. That is French for the flower of the lily and the reason it's called a Fleur De Lis is that some people think it's shaped like a lily flower. You may know the Fleur De Lis as the symbol of the saints and of New Orleans but it is the name used for this tummy tuck. This kind of tummy tuck is specifically for people who have lost so much weight that they don't only have hanging skin up and down but they really stretched their abdomen so there's hanging skin sideways as well. In a traditional tummy tuck which has a long incision down the lower abdomen, it pulls the up and down excess of your tummy skin, that's what's usually stretched in pregnancy. But if you've been really, really heavy and lost weight then you're also going to have a lot of side loose skin as well. And so the Fleur De Lis uses this long incision here but also adds in additional incision that goes like an upside down V from the lower abdomen right up to the ribs and that way you get rid of the up and down excess skin and the in and out excess skin and that gives you a much tighter tummy if as I say you've lost a lot of weight. For most people it is not necessary. So if you've lost a lot of weight, talk to us about a Fleur De Lis tummy tuck as well as a regular tummy tuck to know which is going to be best for you. So just give us a call so we can help you.

This French Tummy Tuck Has Two Incisions For All-Around Tightening

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses a Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck, explaining how it is different from the normal tummy tuck and demonstrating how the incisions are made.