Real Self, thank you for the question and, more importantly, thank you Kristie from El Cajon, in California. Her question is am I candidate for ThermiTight, even though I've had Eliquis for a previous blood clot and atrial fibrillation? Once again, Kristie, thank you for that great question. ThermiTight is, once again, a local, minimally invasive injectable radio frequency. We just use a small pinhole, right here behind the ear, behind the ear, and once again, right underneath the chin and, using this very small device, we use this to basically just dissect those tissues.

Because there's not a lot of cutting involved, bleeding is absolutely minimal. Now, if you were to come into the office, we would talk about what is your increased risk and, essentially, by using this minimally invasive device, local anesthesia, and allow it to set up, we would either talk about whether or not you should come off the medication for about a week, along with the help of your primary care provider, or whether or not, because the dissection is so small, of just using compressive garment for about three days to a week there afterwards would be able to give you those desired results.

Hope to see you soon, Kristie.

Doctor Q&A: Am I a Candidate For ThermiTight If I Have an Irregular Heartbeat?

Dr. Edward Dickerson explains the potential risks with a ThermiTight procedure, and whether a client with an irregular heart flutter would be a good candidate.