So today, we're really excited to introduce the family of radio frequency treatments by ThermiRF. The fantastic thing about the ThermiRF that we're really pleased about is direct science of heat. It allows us to once again, deliver the heat underneath the skin with a very small pinpoint. There is no cutting involved. So when we need that skin tightening under the jowl, or we need a little fat removed underneath the chin to give it much more of a contour, or we're talking about minimizing the crow's feet or the nerves up here, we are thrilled that, once again, this is going to be able to last for three to five years.

The clients that are essentially a great client are those who actually want no downtime or very little downtime. They don't necessarily want or even need their grandmother's face lift. The opportunity to make a small little pinpoint incision behind the ear, remove a little fat or melt a little fat if we need to with the contraction allows them to essentially get back to work very quickly and once again, not have the pain or discomfort. Also, the financial responsibility is about half the cost of a face lift, if you will.

There are several treatments on the market that use external energy; Ulthera, Thermage, and essentially, they are betting on the fact that the heat and the warmth from the outside will get down deep enough to cause a contraction. The difference is, by putting the heat directly underneath the skin, we get a great contraction and more importantly, a much more consistent product that we can actually deliver to the client, who is going to be much more pleased with the end result.

A lot of my folks ask me, "Hey, will this really, because there is no downtime, give me the results that I want?" Once again, this is a great tool, but not everybody may be a candidate for this tool. For those individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight, who have a significant amount of excess skin, we need to talk about other options, whether it's mini-lift, whether for some individuals it's physician-supervised weight loss, or it's a combination of using the ThermaLift with other fillers, fat transfer. But during the consultation, we get to look at all the tools that we have for us and pick the right ones for each of you.

ThermiRF Provides Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Dr. Edward E. Dickerson describes the benefits to choosing ThermiRF treatment for non-surgical skin tightening over other similar treatments.