Physician: Now, look down a little bit, and you can see what we call this hooding. And it's possible to do a beautiful result by seeing a plastic surgeon, an ocular plastic surgeon, and having this cut out. But you had mentioned you weren't interested in surgery right now. So if we're tightening the collagen of your forehead and your eyelid, this whole complex, we may get a little improvement without surgery.

[Actual procedure shown on video.]

Physician: Do you feel okay?

Patient: Yes.

Physician: Tolerable? What number?

Physician: What number?

Patient: Bearable.

Physician: I'm done.

Female Voice:: So this is our patient immediately post-op from Thermage. As you can see, she's just a little red but she doesn't have any real spotting, and there's no real down time. And she should be able to get back to her normal activities tonight, some of them, and the rest she can do tomorrow.

Using Thermage as a Non Surgical Option to Repair Hooding Eyelids

Dr. Ronald Shelton demonstrates the Thermage procedure used to improve hooding of the eyelids without surgery. He shows how you can tighten your skin and improve the collagen production.