Juvederm is a facial injection that's also derived from a hyaluronic acid or sugar-based product. Juvederm is fabulous for injecting into the nasolabial areas, the cheek areas, the forehead, the temples, any area that you need facial volume. Juvederm is a thick injection meaning that the substance will last anywhere from nine months to a year. The key to injecting Juvederm correctly is using small aliquots of that thick injection and layering them into the proper areas of the skin so that you don't look fixed, you don't look over filled, but the injection will last a long time. I love Juvederm in that I can inject it into the area, use small aliquots, and then get to mold it and customize it to someone's anatomy so it looks rejuvenated. You inject into the hollows, you inject into the lines, and you make someone look younger. What it does is it adds facial volume in a very natural looking way so you can make yourself look better with just small amounts of Juvederm injected into the proper amounts in the face.

The Unique Molding Properties of Juvederm For a One-of-a-Kind Result

Dr. Michele Green discusses the benefits of Juvederm to remove wrinkles on the face and how this long-lasting filler can improve facial volume while also being sculpted to perfectly complement the patient's anatomy.