So, Adam Lowenstein in Santa Barbara, and I would like to talk briefly about liposuction, and what I want to talk about is the marketing of liposuction, because I don't think there's any other plastic surgery procedure that has had the issues with strange marketing than liposuction has, because there are so many different types of liposuction machines. There are laser lipo, laser-assisted lipo, power lipo, power-assisted lipo, water jet lipo, smart lipo, VASER...

It goes on and on and on, and what I think anybody who uses any of these machines will tell you is that the most important thing when you're having liposuction is the ability of the practitioner or the surgeon in the procedure. So a good surgeon can use any of these types of modalities and get you a great result. A lousy surgeon can use any of these types of modalities and really mess things up, so keep in mind when you're talking about these different types of liposuction machines, don't skip a surgeon because they don't have smart lipo, but they have VASER instead. Don't skip a surgeon because you're looking for VASER and they have regular liposuction. Check their results. Okay?

If a surgeon has great results with the modality that they're using, that's what you want to look for. The type of company or the type of machine is really a means to market and set the surgeon apart from their competition in a manner that allows patients to identify with that brand, but again it's really the surgeon's skill that has much, much more to do with your results than the particular brand or technology of liposuction that you have. So hope that helps. Dr. Lowenstein, Santa Barbara. Best wishes!

A Practiced Surgeon Is More Important That Their Equipment

Dr. Adam Lowenstein stresses the importance of researching a doctor rather than depending on the type of services they offer.