Dr. Mabrie: Hello. I'm Dr. Mabrie and today we're shooting a video on dark circles under the eyes.

We're gonna talk about how to treat them, particularly using fillers both under the eyes and for cheek augmentation. We will be looking at the anatomy using some 3D illustrations, keynotes lines and we'll also have a live patient demonstrating the technique.

The under eye area is what we call the tear trough area, this transition zone between the eye and the cheek. The shadows start off, in mild cases, as just dark shadows in the tear trough area and in more severe cases can become full circles under the eyes.

In very severe cases the dark circles can actually become bags. It looks like at first that you may need to take some of the fat out under the eyes, but what really needs to happen is we need to fill in some of the gaps where the skin doesn't have support.

By augmenting the cheekbone and under eye area together, there are three benefits for the face. The first is the improvement of the tear trough, or the dark circles under the eyes. The second is an improvement or reduction of the nasolabial fold, and the third improvement is the augmentation of the cheeks, which gives the face better proportions and can actually make the face look more attractive.

One of the reasons that it's so dark here is that there's actually a shadow that happens because of the unevenness that's there. There's a depression that's there. If we can make that flat like that, the skin is actually very reflective, and actually now the shadow has gone away.

We are gonna do that today using the micro cannula.

Here's one of my patients that illustrates the point about the tear trough and the cheeks again. We have augmented her tear trough area, but in addition we filled this outer upper cheek area. Really, in filling these areas together, we're able to make a smooth transition from the eye to the cheek and make the patient look both more youthful and more attractive.

Okay, so we have done this tear trough area and what we need to inject is this upper cheek area here. Chloe has a wonderful chin already and so when we're done her cheeks will match her chin. Is your eye feeling numb? Not too bad?

Chloe: Honestly, I don't feel anything. It just feels normal. Completely.

Dr. Mabrie: Okay. Cool. This is that tear trough area that had the depression here. We have made it pretty flat now. The next time we do it we will build on this a little bit more and ultimately this whole thing will be smooth.

Chloe: Oh, wow. The eyes look so much better. That's crazy. I love it.

Dr. Mabrie: Awesome.

Hopefully I have shown that when we are treating the under eye area with fillers we are actually treating those two areas together, the tear trough and the cheek area, and what we're actually doing is contouring the fact in an effort to make it look more youthful and more attractive.

I hope the video was helpful, and thank you for your attention.

The Stages of Dark Under Eye Circles and Your Treatment Options

Dr. David Mabrie illustrates how non-surgical cheek augmentation with fillers can reduce dark circles under the eyes, contour the face, and reduce nasolabial folds.