One of the most common questions that I get when people say, oh, what do you do Michael? And I say, oh, I'm a facial plastic surgeon. And they say, wow, why does everybody look the same when they have plastic surgery? They all look alike. Well, the fact of the matter is, people don't know or recognize when people have had good plastic surgery. We've failed our patients when it's obvious that they've had plastic surgery. Surgeons have been taught A, B, C, D to do a procedure, take out a gallbladder, take out an appendix. But facial plastic surgery is different, facial plastic surgery involves art. And those surgeons that lack artistic vision or those cosmetic practitioners who lack artistic vision can do something technically, A, B, C, D, put it in the right place. Yet if they lack artistic vision they will have aesthetic failure. So one of our colleagues, Timothy Martin, has said without artistic vision you can have technical success yet aesthetic failure, and that's it. It's not the product, it's not plastic surgery. It's the lack of artistic vision in the person who's doing it that creates those people that we see at the Academy Awards. Those Goldie Hawns that are unfortunately too full, those Kim Novaks that are too pulled. It's not the procedure, it's not plastic surgery. And again, the greatest compliment that a plastic surgery patient can have is, oh my god, you look rested, you look different, you're doing your hair different, something's different about you, you look great. Not, oh my god, you've had a nose job.

When You've Had Good Plastic Surgery, People Can't Even Tell

A tightly-stretched and overfilled face would be a nightmare to see in the mirror. Dr. Michael Persky offers advice on what type of doctor you should seek for your cosmetic surgery.