One of the unique subspecialties within my practice is treating Asian skin. I have a lot of patients who come to me for my expertise and because I have the proper lasers for their particular type of skin. The one thing that you have to be extraordinarily careful with Asian skin is that it's a very fine, delicate skin and if not treated properly it can hyper-pigment or scar very easily. I utilize Thermage, eMatrix, and the TriVantage, which are actually some of the most popular lasers in Asia right now, to treat these patients. They treat fine lines, they treat scars, they treat wrinkles, they treat sunspots, to make the Asian skin look beautiful and fresher and younger. It's very important in treating Asian skin not only to have the right lasers but to have the knowledge of how to utilize these lasers so they're most effective with this particular type of skin.

The Nuances of Treating Asian Skin and Why the Choice of Laser is so Important

Dr. Michele Green discusses why Asian skin needs special lasers to treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and hair removal.