One of the unique things about my practice is that I start all exams, whether cosmetic or not, with a complete skin check. I always want to make sure that my patients don't have skin cancer.

Skin cancer has absolutely no symptoms, so most patients are completely unaware of the fact that they have been walking around with a skin cancer. That's why it's an important part of my job as a dermatologist to make sure that they don't have skin cancer and go over the ABCs of melanoma, which is whether or not the mole has changed, it has grown, the color has changed, the diameter has changed, and educate my patients so that they understand what to look for and to avoid getting skin cancer.

The Importance of Regular Skin Cancer Examinations

Dr. Michele Green discusses her unique approach to skin cancer examinations and why it's so important for everyone to get a regular skin exam to help prevent or catch cancer early.