Two major trends that I'm seeing in my practice is people coming in for the liquid face lift, we call it, they call it, and I think it's finally moving away from the nasal labial folds. A lot of these devices were FDA approved for the nasal labial folds, but really we're starting to know and recognize, as we learn more about the anatomy and the things that are happening with the aging face, that we're losing volume in multiple different fat compartments.

So, you almost have to address them all in order to get a nice aesthetic improvement. Otherwise, by just filling this area, you run the risk of looking almost like a chimpanzee, and having maybe a look that a lot of people have, and they associate it with looking done. So, now that we're moving away from that and filling outside, you can almost achieve a little bit of a lift by filling in a little bit in the temple, in the preauricular fat space, and then also along the malar fat pads here, to almost lift and fill the face.

The Growing Liquid Facelift Trend

Doctor Sabrina Fabi discusses the trend of refilling the volume of face to achieve a non-surgical lift.