Dr. David Amron: With regard to the differences between regular liposuction and laser assisted liposuction, regular liposuction, in my mind, is liposuction using traditional suction-assisted liposuction, using canullas to contour and sculpt the areas and to suction the fat.

As opposed to what people think, you can not only reduce the fat layer, but you can get quite a bit of retraction of the skin with even just regular liposuction, if it's done properly. I prefer the tumescent, anesthetic approach under local anesthesia far more than general anesthesia. Laser liposuction is using a different type of tool, which is a laser energy, to not only emulsify and melt the fat, but also to get skin retraction.

And I have recently incorporated the newest version of smart liposuction called "the triplex system" in my practice, when I am approaching certain areas of the body, and attempting to get even more retraction of the skin. But, again, it's just another tool to get to your endpoint. As I've said many times before, it's much more important, in terms of the judgment, the skills, and the artistry of the particular surgeon.

The Difference Between Laser and Regular Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses the difference between laser and regular liposuction.