Hi. My name is Dr. Paul Nassif. I'm answering questions for my blogs and for you too. A lot of patients will ask me when they come in, you know, "Dr. Nassif, what does it cost for a revision rhinoplasty?" and I always have them go see Anna, my patient care coordinator but I want to just give you some summary and stuff of how it usually works. And basically a revision rhinoplasty or a dissecting through usually a scarred tissue, that section is usually harder. We sometimes have to take cartilage from different parts of the body or fascia. Sometimes we have to use ear cartilage if we don't have enough septal cartilage left inside your nose. Sometimes we have to take a rib, sometimes we have to take skin and cartilage from the ear called composagraft, sometimes we have to take fascia from the scalp to either cover the tip of the nose or to make what we call labrito which is basically diced cartilaged wrapped in fascia and we all lay down to the nose. And if I'm doing a reconstruction it can take me as little as four hours up to ten hours and so the price really, really, you know, varies and again you want to make sure you go into a specialist. It could be anywhere from $12,000 up to $30,000. It just depends on really what each patient needs and it's individualized and that way usually include the operating room, anesthesia and surgeon fee, and again it just depends. You can go to different doctors and you can have different prices and it's like one of those things, you know, this is in the middle of your face and you get what you paid for and you want to make sure whoever that doctor is, they're taking their time, they're not rushing, they're meticulous. You want to make sure that nothing is done in a rushed job because you hopefully want to make this the last revision that you need. I hope that helps. Thank you so much.

The Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty: Will Mine Be $12,000 or $30,000?

Dr. Paul Nassif explains that a revision rhinoplasty could cost anywhere from $12,000 to $30,000 and it all depends on the efforts needed to craft the perfect nose.