Woman: Brow lift versus blepharoplasty, which is best for sagging eyelids?

Dr. Prasad: When there is excess skin over the eyes, it's very important to determine the cause. Is the skin coming from the eyebrows drooping, which causes skin from below the brow to lay on top of the eyelid? Is the skin the result of thinning and stretching of the eyelid skin? Is it a combination of both? When I evaluate a patient who is concerned about excess skin over the eyes, I look for descend of the eyebrows, referred to as brow ptosis, as well as the excess eyelid skin over the eyes, referred to as dermatochalasis. I try to establish from my patient, if the eyebrow position has changed and is drooping more than it did in the past. I also elevate the brows so the patient can see if the appearance looks right for them. In general, if there is brow ptosis, there is also dermatochalasis at the same time. In treating sagging eyelids, blepharoplasty is usually the solution or is part of the solution. Brow lift is limited to situations where there is actual brow ptosis. To answer the question about brow lift versus blepharoplasty, it is essentially depending on the source of the skin and the patient's desired appearance.

The Brow Could Be Pressing Your Eyelids Down or You Could Have Too Much SKin

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the importance of determining if extra skin over the eyes is caused by excess skin of the brow area, excess eyelid skin, or a combination of both before recommending a cosmetic procedure.