Brazilian Butt is a contour procedure to make the back of a girl more beautiful and sexy. In other words, it's a liposuction procedure with fat transferring or fat grafting. It's essentially moving fat from one area and placing it in another area, and therefore when you do that in the buttocks, the buttocks will be more rounded and actually lift. It's an amazing procedure.
In our practice, we do Brazilian Butt Lift for any women that have a BMI less than 30. That's our protocol. It's possible to do it on a bigger girl, but BMI of 30 is recommended for this procedure to get the most optimal results.
Once after three months, whatever fat you have that's going to stay with you, and whatever liposuction areas you have removed, those areas of localized fat deposits are removed, then that's permanent. It's basically, after three months, whatever you have is going to stay. Now, if the patient gains a significant amount of weight later, let's say 40 pounds, you still have the shape, the butt will be bigger because you have put fat in there, and the fat cells are alive, 30% of them, 35% of them will be alive, so your butt will be bigger but the shape will be there because of the liposuction.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a Permanent Butt Augmentation

Dr. Jaime Perez talks about the popular procedure of the Brazilian Butt Lift.