Acne scarring can be a difficult problem for many people and there's lots of people who get acne when they're younger and develop scars as they get older. Now for many years we've had multiple treatment options from lasers to chemical peels, to even some fillers. However, what I've noticed that works incredibly well for me over the last couple of years, I've been doing a combination of fat transfer and laser resurfacing. So I place the fat in first and then I follow with a fractionated laser resurfacing procedure, and I'm getting the best results I've ever gotten. I believe that the combination of the lasers and the fat work together. Now we do know that fat has other properties in it, some reparative properties to the skin. We're still trying to elucidate exactly what cause it to have these wonderful effects on the skin. Whether it's stem cells or growth factors has not been determined. However we do recognize a significant improvement in the skin. But it's important for people to know it's nearly impossible to get rid of the scars completely. While we can make an improvement we can't take away acne scars completely but we can see a significant improvement.

The Best Defense Against Acne Scars Might Just Be Your Own Fat

Dr. Steven Dayan explains his approach to treating acne scars, which might just surprise you.